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I am glad you asked.

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Tesla currently is dominating the EV market, Tesla manufactures the most powerful production EV on the market.

With the longest range, and it has a complete charging infrastructure in the country.

The graph shows that fewer people are going to use public
transportation or shared ride services after COVID

Which leaves the option to travel by using personal vehicles or bikes, or by foot.

And we know that more people are going to live in an urban area, the full-size vehicle is not going to be convenient to commute anymore, that is why e-bike market will rise.

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But, there are many challenges.

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E-bikes are too expensive, you cant repair them yourself, Some cyclists would say there is no need for physical strain, etc...

This is caused by how similar bikes and e-bikes are.

They basically have a similar experience, so people can not determine if the price they are paying actually get what they are expecting.

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People prefer e-bike as a city bike, or as a cruiser for more relaxed rides, or as a touring bike for longer rides, and or as a mountain bike, more sporty rides.

This shows a sign that people actually expecting a lot from an e-bike right?

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Users also expecting high quality, good comfort, large battery capacity, durable, short charging time, high speed, so much more consumers are asking.

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If you can't easily differentiate the visual difference between an e-bike or a regular bike, then there is a problem.

- Dimension
- Ergonomic
- Material
- Internal component
- Features
- Safety

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Trend Research

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Selected Concept

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Concept Refinement

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