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Besides doing design:

I am a car enthusiast, and I am passionate about taking car photography, get close to events such as formula drift, Autocon, Autoshow, or sometimes go to a race track and have a blast.

I am also a landscape photographer. I do road trips a lot, and I will never miss any opportunity to take some incredible photography along the way.

I love snowboarding, who doesn't? I can still remember the moment standing at the Mammoth summit around 11,000 ft watching down the cliff, it was challenging, it was scary, and yet it was the best moment I have ever had.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, I taught myself about PC building, and I built my first PC for work. Not too long later, I did a couple of more builds for my close friends from school.

Passion is something that expands my vision and keeps me moving forward as a designer. I believe it guides a person's life to its best form. The profession can not be achieved without a great passion, a positive mind.

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