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Cassina Products

Project Goal

Osier project is a short-term (6 weeks) project that involves brand research, CMF research with sustainability in mind, and form development. The mission of the project is to bring personal inner peace into the urban lifestyle.


Target User


Age: 28

Occupation: Artist/Creator


Katherine is a professional oil painter who lives in New York City that teaches students at her studio. She is very passionate about teaching and also enjoys reading during her spare time.


Spare time should be stressless, quiet, and relax, but not many products can create the right environment for the customer. Katherine often can't escape from the busy lifestyle she has been living in, therefore, she is looking for the perfect furniture to fulfill her needs.


Design of the flowing form of the nature

Build book5.png

To provide long term comfort and a peaceful environment, in addition, isolation from the stressful world


Decision Making

The scenario that has been put into the project is focusing on stress relief and relaxing experience, therefore, a floating platform makes more sense for further design

Finalizing Design
  • Taking nature as an inspiration creating the flow form that looks like a piece of leaf.

  • Adding an elevated base with a thin profile creates lightness feeling.

  • To wrap up the design, applying natural material is essential


Materials Research

Main Materials

- Recycled high-density polyethylene (from grocery bags)

- Marble texture/pattern

- Natural banana fabric

- plywood

Week 11 Osier15.jpg
Plastic Marble

Known as HDPE, which is the material of grocery bags.
HDPE is a recyclable composite material, however, the recycling process is rather complex, and it is requiring quite a amount of time and labor to clean and collect, thus, only 1% of them are being recycled, and the rest go into landfill.

Banana Fabric

It is also known as Banana fiber; Banana silk; Musa fiber. It has high fabric breathability and low heat retention abilities. Banana fabric holds its form very nicely and reliably.


Bent plywood is wildly used in the furniture industry. It gives a minimal/clean appearance.

Where is the destination?

Due to the limitation of the plastic bag recycling technology, plastic bags can not be recycled efficiently and effectively, therefore, the majority of plastic shopping bags are either landfilled or reused.​


Amount of municipal solid waste covered in the United States in 2017, by material​ (in million tons).

download (1).png
Banana is the biggest source of grocery store waste

There is an opportunity to turn the biggest food waste source into a soft and durable material.

Color Research


Getting a closer look at the NYC architectures. I discovered that in some parts of the city, there is a combination of the building that is made of glass and brick, creating high contrast color palettes.

Winter NYC

The winter season reflects the interesting elements in the season, reveals the combination of warm and cool tone, which creates an interesting color palette


When the city is covered by the cloud, it flats out the color of the environment, revealing the raw color palette of the architecture.


Satin Finish Shell

- Reduce the use of clear coat to reduce harmful impact to the environment.

- Using bent plywood as a spring.

Natural Dye

- Apply natural dye on the plywood to create a gloss finish and high contrast color with the banana fabric.

- Divided cushions for easy cleaning and washing.

CMF Furniture 3.2.367.png

- Osier is inspired by flowing elements that we can find in nature, providing relax/slow feeling


- Minimizing the angular elements and giving a soft and organic expression to the customers. Visually giving the users relax feeling.


- Designed to spread the pressure evenly

- It forms around the human body to give the perfect fit


Orthographic view

- Osier is sitting at a fairly low, 16inches, allowing the user to slide in the chair naturally. Staying close to the ground makes the user feel secured and safe.

Secondary Packaging Design

Final with person.jpg
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