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I enjoy every little detail of the design process, and I adapt to different subjects quickly. I found it extremely satisfying when I can integrate technologies to provide features and connections that would bring immersive, realistic experiences to the end-users, allowing people to evolve.

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What if Vera extending from digital protection to personal protection? In this project, I found an opportunity for Vera to extend the business and regain growth and recognition in the industry.

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What if Tesla joins in the mico-mobility market, providing an exclusive e-bike experience that none of the high-end e-bikes are currently offering?



Emerging Product
Designer of the Year


What if Opus One launches the third product?

How a winery will brings an astonishing experience through a package? 

Volc shoe

This is a 4-week project designing a shoe in the VR space (Gravity Sketch). The entire project is about learning a new tool, and the shoes are modeled in VR and rendered in Keyshot.


Osier project is a short-term (6 weeks) project that involves brand research, CMF research with form development and sustainability in mind. The mission of the project is to bring personal inner peace into the urban lifestyle

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